The Anyservice Ecosystem

The Anyservice Ecosystem

Taking on the OTT revolution

With the growth of the OTT market, operators are faced with new challenges. Their traditional services have decreased rapidly while the service architecture has changed beyond recognition. As new companies encroach on the telecoms industry, operators need to find ways to counter the threat. One way for operators to take on these businesses is by adopting a mobile internet ecosystem to defend their core services and take advantage of new opportunities.

Transforming operators’ businesses

ZTE’s Anyservice Ecosystem provides one entrance, two platforms, and three solutions. The Ecosystem employs a dual platform NFV-ready infrastructure to help operators expand their technological expertise as well as the products and services they oer to businesses.

The Anyservice Ecosystem helps restructure the operator’s network by dividing data services and data centre management. Using APIs and SDKs, it exploits data value so that operators can capture a larger share of the value pool. These channels are served by a unified entrance through which apps can be sent to end users. This enables operators to monetise voice, message and digital content. The Anyservice Ecosystem provides operators with an effective mobile internet ecosystem that works for them.

Exploring new business opportunities

The Anyservice Ecosystem helps operators explore capability sets, build service systems and establish multiple business models. It also enables operators to expand into different business areas, build a complete ecosystem and transform their businesses.

The Anyservice Ecosystem has been deployed in many different domains including OTT, home, industry, education, enterprise, and government. Moreover, ZTE’s Anyservice solutions have been widely deployed in more than 80 international operator offices in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America, serving nearly 100 million users.