Best Network Smart Operation

Value-based network management

Challenges for network operators

Mainstream operators face an ongoing need to synchronise multiple networks, as wireless technology shifts from 2G to 4G technology. A new approach harnesses data to enable telecom operators to make smarter decisions about how to manage and operate their networks to maximise value.

Optimising value through intelligent operation

Big-data mining will help telecom operators develop and run optimisation models leaving them better prepared as market conditions change. Among other things, operators will better understand the following: network value and quality, the user experience, user behavior and which technology mix they should use to reach which customers. This new understanding will also allow operators to answer key questions about user identification, flow control and network management.

End-to-end optimisation

End-to-end network optimisation analysis can be used to quickly locate the root causes of a problem. Once a problem is found, positioning performance and network efficiency significantly improves.

User experience management

Network optimisation offers a better understanding of the user experience, including how to enhance user satisfaction and provide better customer support. It is also extremely useful for supporting VIP users and tapping potential Virtual Access Point (VAP) users. Overall, optimisation helps operators take preventive measures to prevent the loss of users.

Intelligent complaint handling

Network management offers an end-to-end solution for managing your customers’ feedback on network coverage and service performance. An active complaint handling process ensures you turn complaints from noise to knowledge and benefit from improved efficiency.

Value construction

Value-based network management can improve network effectiveness, promote regional network building and ensure regional networks are fully optimised.

Data analysis

Building a multi-dimensional data pipeline helps operators better understand data value, which in turn enables more effective marketing and network investment. Through intelligent analysis, big data mining can deliver operating benefits across fixed and wireless networks.