Big Data – Getting value from data

Data Analysis Platform (DAP) 2.0

The ZTE Data Analysis Platform (DAP) 2.0 uses Hadoop software to support the collection, storage, management, analysis, and visualisation of big data. DAP 2.0 utilises the ZTE Open Data Process Platform (ODPP) to open and share big data and simplify the organisation and development of third-party apps. ODPP uses multi-user data isolation to improve data security and privacy protection.

In March 2014, ZTE won a project to help China CITIC Bank create a new internet offering as part of its financial web strategy. ZTE worked with CITIC to design a new business model using DAP 2.0’s big data capabilities to create new payment technologies. Having successfully completed the design phase, ZTE is now helping the bank put this strategy in place.

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Big data helps enhance network optimisation and maintenance (O&M). Traditionally, O&M is managed by a KPI model, which is less accurate in finding network faults and offers no guidance on network optimisation. Big data analytics can be used to achieve an efficient network and quantify the customer experience.

ZTE worked with Sichuan Telecom to develop an O&M system based on big data. The system provides full life cycle management of each network – tailoring the solution to both the network and the customer. This enables not only better management of the network, but also provides comprehensive evaluation of the customer experience.

Sichuan Telecom and ZTE started working together in June 2012. Following the launch, the O&M system has, on average, improved network efficiency eight to 10 times, troubleshooting efficiency 20-30 times, and reduced overall operating expenses.