Big video, better services

The big video era

With the development of broadband and mobile internet, video services are developing rapidly: from 4K videos at home to 2K on mobile handsets. Video offers mobile operators multiple income streams ranging from video messaging to data services. At the same time, it presents operators with the challenge of adapting their data plans to address the huge rise in video traffic. Video development is part of a growing trend towards big content, big networks, big data and big ecosystems. ZTE’s big video solutions help customers around the world develop video services to deal with the impact of video traffic and take the initiative in the big video era.

Helping launch video services with big video

ZTE has a deep understanding of big video and launched its end-to-end big video solution with the aim of bringing 4K video to the home and 2K video to mobile. Serving a range of global customers, ZTE has based its innovative video services on user experience and an understanding of the new video ecosystem to help them easily manage the impact of video traffic.

4K video to the home, 2K video to mobile

ZTE has established ultra broadband low latency for fixed and mobile broadband networks across its full range of products. What’s more, its content delivery network can support fixed mobile convergence, network hierarchies (including at the OLT/RAN level), and flexible scheduling (including virtual and SDN technology).

Achieving intelligent operation and maintenance based on big data

ZTE’s MOS-V video index system is the starting point for real-time monitoring of the entire video experience network, end-to-end fault finding as well as enhancing network performance of experience-oriented video using big data.

Providing services based on open video

ZTE’s technology has helped mobile operators improve profitability and attract more customers through diversified advertising solutions, IMS-based visual communication services and a genuinely multiscreen service delivered over fixed and mobile data networks.

Building a big video ecosystem

ZTE can integrate big video from terminal chips and video conferencing equipment plus provide opportunities for network equipment, content and advertising companies.

Big video solutions worldwide

ZTE has a rich experience in big video with more than 70 OTT and IPTV commercial cases worldwide connecting more than 38 million subscribers to a system with capacity for over 50 million. And we have more than 80 integrated CDN cases globally, with speeds of over 30 Tbps.