Cloud bearer SDN reconstructs future bearer network

Cloud Bearer Network

Cloud Bearer: Efficient and Elastic Cloud Networking

Cloud bearer solution

A cloud-based network with data centres at its core, ZTE’s cloud bearer solution uses SDN and NFV technologies to make the bearer network more open, simple and agile.

Lower cost

The unified POTN platform reduces costs by 40 percent and power consumption by 50 percent. The IP and optical convergence solution reduces costs by 60 percent and moving services into the cloud with BRAS and vCPE technologies lowers general hardware costs by 30 percent.

Efficient operation

The Access NE virtualization app simplifies the maintenance of network elements by 80 percent while PNP and single-click provisioning improve efficiency from 30 days to five minutes. The intelligent traffic optimisation app allocates network resources on demand – lowering maintenance costs by 25 percent and increasing profits by 15 percent.

Excellent performance

The ZXR10 9900 Series Data Center Switch has the industry’s largest capacity of 230 Tbps. Excellent performance is guaranteed with the ZXONE 9700: a 400G OTN metro network product with the industry’s highest O/E integration and 28.8T cross capacity. Finally, ZTE’s T8000 400G series creates end-to-end smooth streaming solutions. A leader in its field, its 400G board has higher forwarding performance than similar products by 26 percent.

Global application

ZTE serves more than 600 operators in 130 countries. It ranks number one by market share in the Packet Transport Network (PTN) market and number two in the optical network (ON) and IP/Ethernet markets.