Cloud Works

Cloud Works

Cloud Works: stand out from the crowd

Transforming telecoms in the Mobile-ICT era

In recent history, the telecommunications industry has experienced three fundamental shifts. First came the voice era with voice calls and SMS messaging; next we had the data era with the rise of the mobile internet; now we usher in the Mobile-ICT era of seamless service convergence and the Internet of Things (IoT).

With the unprecedented growth in services, mobile internet users want more individualisation than ever before. To address these changes, operators need to offer viable commercial models addressing a wide spectrum of users and encompassing their unique requirements.

Building new demand

An analysis of future profit-models highlights a missed opportunity. While traditional competition-based strategies (red ocean strategies) are necessary, operators are facing huge cost pressures in these traditional markets meaning that they alone are not sufficient to sustain high performance. Operators need to go beyond these fiercely-competed markets and seize new profit opportunities by creating blue oceans. This means building low-cost network infrastructure whereby operators can differentiate themselves and unlock new demand. By expanding the demand side of the economy, new wealth is created. Such a strategy has high payoff possibilities and also helps create a more agile, flexible network.

A platform with the wisdom of the crowd

ZTE Cloud Works brings operators a carrier-class crowd innovation platform. Offering services on-demand, Cloud Works breaks down resources into separate reusable packages to help operators build a low-cost network fast. Hosting Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV) in the cloud enables more efficient development and operation. This helps operators build an open ecosystem, attract new developers and offer customers low-cost individualised services.