Datacenter Business Insight Managed Service

Datacenter Business Insight Managed Service

Realising business insights

The ZTE Business Insight solution matches service objects and the relationships among them by automatic discovery. Relationships are mapped using 3D visualisation to help service teams understand the structure of a business system, and reduce some of the challenges of service management.


Protecting business performance

Traditional data centre managed services focus on IT and physical Infrastructure and solve performance bottlenecks by supplying additional resources. The ZTE Business Insight solution expands the service range to software, browser and mobile app. Using software probes, service teams can see critical performance indicators, such as delays, and as a result achieve end-to-end performance experience protection.


Precise fault location

A fault in one part of your IT infrastructure can cause a critical breakdown of your software and result in an alarm being triggered. Troubleshooting though is not straightforward and often requires a lot of time and effort to locate the fault.

Through the smart handling of alarm information, the ZTE Business Insight solution can locate and display faults by using its logic universe. This means service engineers can focus on core issues.

Software faults are the most difficult type to locate. ZTE can help shorten troubleshooting time using code-level fault location.