Full Dimensional Coverage

Full Dimensional Coverage

Solutions for full coverage and capacity

Achieving comprehensive high-quality 4G coverage is essential to meet the growing demand for mobile broadband. ZTE recently introduced its portfolio of products to help operators deploy full-service 4G networks and provide a high quality broadband service to their customers.

R8852A & R8854 – A new generation of compact remote radio units

At just eight litres, the ZTE R8852A is even smaller than the previous generation of remote radio units (RRU) by 33 percent – making it the smallest RRU in the market to support 2T4R (two transmitter and four receiver channels). The ZTE R8854, at just 12 litres, is the smallest 4T4R RRU in the market while its 4x40W TOC power shows no compromise in performance. These new compact remote radio units offer increased flexibility in deployment and market-leading performance to help operators meet the growing demand for capacity and coverage in the most efficient way.

iMacro – A zero footprint strategy

With an integrated radio and antenna unit, the compact, lightweight iMacro (at 16 litres and 15kg with 2x40W TOC power) can be deployed in congested urban areas on lampposts or walls. And it’s already proving popular with clients, including large operators such as China Telecom.

Pad BBU/RRU – Target outdoor hotspots and eliminate blind-spots

Easy to install and integrate (at just 4.5 litres and 4.5kg), the ZTE Pad BBU/RRU helps provide seamless outdoor coverage at minimum cost.

Qcell – Multi-band indoor coverage over a single Ethernet cable

Small but powerful, the ZTE Qcell offers an indoor coverage solution unlike any other. In recognition of its market-leading capacities, the unique Qcell received three international awards in 2015. With evolved capabilities, the Qcell Plus not only has improved multi-mode and multi-band functions but also supports CA, Wi-Fi and LAA, plus value-added services such as localisation and service diversion.

LTE on Power – Achieving better indoor coverage

The ZTE LTE on Power solution offers seamless indoor coverage over a single power line. Just plug the portable LTE CPE into a nearby electrical socket for an easy-to-install experience with no additional wiring or cabling required.