The ZTE 5G prototype at MWC 2016

The 5G IoT Test Bed

The Internet of Things is set to be an important innovation area for 5G services. At this year’s MWC, ZTE Corporation is demonstrating its IoT Test Bed based on the latest 3GPP narrow-band (NB)-IoT standard. The test bed uses ZTE’s unique MUSA and FB-OFDM technologies which improve user capacity by three to six times. These technologies will help service providers deliver on the massive connection challenges they face in the future.

  • MUSA (Multi-User Shared Access) supports multiplexing of air resources from multiple terminals using advanced non-orthogonal multi-access resource sharing technique, and consequently improves capacity by three to six times for potential IoT use cases.
  • FB-OFDM (Filter Blank-Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing) is a type of subcarrier filtering based on orthogonal frequency division techniques. FB-OFDM reduces the interference between subcarriers and using flexible deployments satisfies different service (eMBB, IoT, V2X) requirements. IoT services will likely consume less data bandwidth than content hungry consumer services, the IoT subcarrier can be configured in the inter-system guard band spectrum and even inside system spectrum, enabling the spare spectrum be used to its maximum extent.
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20165G IoT (MUSA & FB—OFDM) Test Bed

20175G IoT (MUSA & FB—OFDM) Prototype

  1. The 5G high band prototype

High band communication is a key area for 5G R&D. At this year’s MWC, ZTE Corporation in partnership with China Mobile will announce the release a 5G high band radio prototype. Key features of the prototype include the following:

  • Big bandwidth, high data rate – bandwidth: 500Mhz. Band:15Ghz, SU-MIMO peak rate:3.5Gbps+, MU-MIMO peak rate: 10Gbps+
  • Leading beam forming ability – support dynamic beam forming and fast self-adaptive user tracing to realize perfect 3D coverage
  • Fit for different scenarios – support indoor, outdoor non-line of sight propagation moving environment, direct, scattering, diffracting and reflecting scenario
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2016 Q2China Mobile field performance test

2016 Q4China 5G trial network performance test

2017High band prototype V2.0