Mobile Office Automation

7 - Mobile Office

The ZTE Mobile Office Automation (MOA) smart office system enables a workforce to access the office remotely through any device, anytime, anywhere.

MOA is ZTE’s innovative mobile office solution developed to seamlessly integrate communications technology services into an IT network. Flexible and scalable, MOA provides a mobile office accessible via PC, smartphone and tablet. MOA supports a wide range of apps available on open access or through the App Store.

The system gives employees access to their work through their mobile. Convenient and rapid, MOA is not limited to time-zones or regions. Transforming the way businesses operate, MOA can be integrated into a business’s network and videoconferencing systems to make communication and collaboration smooth and simple.

Secure and easy to use, MOA provides a seamless BYOD solution so that employees can enjoy a wide range of services, including IM, business directories, VoIP phone calls, video conferencing and email among others. With security at its core, users can have confidence that their important information is protected.

The ZTE MOA+ Smart Mobile Phone Solution is not just a simple remote office system, it integrates a mobile office with a smart cloud video system so that businesses and employees can collaborate and communicate wherever they are. It can lead the future market to enter a mobile, open, integrated and diversified “smart” era.