Operation Transformation

Operation Transformation

The connectivity of today makes the world more exciting than ever before. People have infinite opportunities to be productive and enjoy life. CSPs cannot afford to stand still, they must consider what to do in order to engage with this opportunity. They must transform their business to embrace the digital life.

Enabling a digital life

Enabling a digital life is a huge concept, but we sum up the approach CSPs should take in three ways:

  1. Createa digital life that connects everything
  2. Become digital service providers (DSP) rather than CSPs, focusing on digital content, service and engagement
  3. Orchestrate capabilities (i.e. connect customer management, phone numbers, brand, channels and analyses etc.) and make those capabilities open to third-party partners to co-create services and content needed to lead a digital life

Go Across Industry

The key point of “Go Across Industry” for CSPs is to explore a whole new market and find new customers by embracing the potential of machine to machine (M2M). Over the next decade, the key vertical industries for M2M include energy, warehousing, healthcare, vehicle networks, security and manufacturing. The potential market for M2M is completely fresh and CSPs stand to enjoy an attractive profit margin. In this area, CSPs are expected to provide connection, operation support and managed service for the M2M industry.

Rebuild operational technology

To provide the support customers need to lead a digital life and develop their M2M business, CSPs need to consider three separate areas of IT re-construction:

  1. Focus on digital engagement
  2. Be a digital enabler
  3. Create fresh and inspiring digital marketing campaigns

CSPs should focus on digital engagement to refresh the user experience so that customers feel more aligned to the CSP brand identity. They can do this by applying the following steps:

a) Offer customers a single point of contact for their convenience

b) Use or build a social channel to spread the CSP brand identity online as rapidly and deeply as possible

c) Listen to consumers and collect and analyse their behaviour for a better understanding of the end customer


To be a digital enabler CSPs should cooperate with partners to engage in the digital world together. CSPs need to alter their mindset and embrace new business models to become open and more cooperative. They can do this by applying the following steps:

a) Help partners discover value capabilities enabling them to use their products and services to create an attractive digital offering.

b) Cooperate with partners by sharing products, branding and channels.

c) Keep the momentum moving forward by embracing continuous innovation.


Finally, CSPs should create fresh and inspiring digital marketing campaigns fresh and surprising. CSPs can do this by ensuing campaigns are:

a) Customer-oriented

b) Targeted appropriately by employing a 360° customer view based on big data analytics

c) An immediate response to dynamic business opportunities

d) Precise and easy to accept