Pre-5G UDN Solution

By 2020HD video, video calling and the cloud will be ubiquitous. With the increase in connections and data traffic, high-speed data transfer has never mattered more.

To provide a modern end-to-end network, operators need to meet the complex and ever-changing needs of customers. Whether listening to their favourite band at a stadium concert or travelling to work by train, customers want a stable and reliable service. This is where ultra-dense networks (UDN) come in. A UDN can improve spectral efficiency and network capacity by increasing the density of base stations.

Nowadays as networks become denser, interference between mobiles is increasing. ZTE’s Pre-5G UDN solution is a user-friendly tool based on existing network architecture which uses interference cancellation technology to increase mobility and improve the user experience.

Interference cancellation

ZTE’s Pre-5G UDN solution reduces interference using dual connectivity, small cell on/off and coherent joint-processing coordinated multi-point (CoMP) transmission to improve both spectral efficiency and, ultimately, the user experience.

Improved mobility

The Pre-5G UDN solution provides unbounded, user-centric wireless access offering customers within an ultra-dense network a reliable high-quality service.