Revolution of Network Performance Management (RoNPM)

Revolution of Network Performance Management (RoNPM)

RoNPM brings great network quality at lower costs

In addition to the rapid development of telecoms service, networks and service types, a continually increasing number of new users brings fresh challenges to the network. Traditional network optimisation does not meet the requirement of current network development. Based on cost reduction and efficiency improvement, ZTE’s RoNPM solutions subvert the traditional network optimisation mode bringing operators greater network availability at lower costs.

Innovative virtual drive test (DT) technology

Traditional drive test (DT) work keeps costs high as it requires professional engineers, professional testing tools, vehicles and drivers. ZTE’s innovative virtual DT technology totally changes the traditional DT mode. It establishes a model for the target DT route first, filters users based on a DT route model, and then analyses the target users’ data obtaining the same result as a traditional DT. Any person and terminal can be a data source using the virtual DT model, greatly reducing the DT work’s dependency on professional skills and tools and significantly reducing DT cost.

Automatic problem-positioning increases network optimisation

Traditional network optimisation is reliant on professional experience, requiring highly skilled personnel. ZTE’s RoNPM platform integrates professional analysis models with a self-learning mechanism, achieving automatic problem-positioning and removing the cost of professional analysis, while increasing the accuracy and efficiency of problem analysis. The RoNPM platform will verify a result automatically after optimisation action is carried out, without the need for a manual test. The RoNPM solution enables operators to generate cost saving advantages while achieving best network quality.