Smart Home

Smart Home

Smart home: bringing people better experiences

The smart home is a place where cloud computing, fixed and mobile internet and big data can offer a healthy, low-carbon, smart, comfortable and safe environment for family life. With the rapid development of multimedia and network technology, equipment which supports high-definition or 4K video can bring a better quality of experience to customers.

Smart home: bringing operators more revenue

The 4K ultra high-definition decoding and high-definition home monitoring not only improves the user experience, but also requires higher bandwidth and an increased wire and wireless data flow – bringing operators more revenue.

ZTE’s Smart Home solution

ZTE’s turnkey solution for the smart home includes home entertainment, visual communication, home monitoring, family album sharing, and home network-attached storage (NAS).

ZTE’s home entertainment supports 4K ultra high-definition video decodingbuilt-in HomeCDN and DVB/IP dual mode. The STB B800S2 is based on Android 5.1 OS and Android TV GMS and supports MPEG4/H.264, VP9, HEVC/H.265 decoding which can decode ultra HD video with a maximum resolution of 3840×2160@P60.

Compared with traditional HD internet STBs, this 4K UHD STB can display more vivid and precise images to significantly enhance the user experience. In addition, it also supports automatic cloud storage. The STB HC100 built-in HomeCDN can make video playback more smoothly. The STB B820X supports DVB/IP dual mode which can help radio and television operators to introduce a variety of internet content, and enhance the attraction of products.

The ZTE ZandraTM smart home security system comprises intelligent cameras, a base station, a cloud service platform, and entry, infrared, smoke and gas sensors. A unique voice interaction feature of the intelligent cameras elevates cameras as traditional monitoring equipment to being interactive devices that enable users to connect with and care for their families in real time. A resolution of up to 1080p produces high-definition visual effects while also allowing the cameras to maintain low bandwidth requirements. With a unique storage mechanism using a TF card, a NAS device or a cloud platform, the cameras can keep users’ cherished memories safe and sound.

In 2014, MRG announced that ZTE IPTV STB was first place in the global market. At Broadband World Forum 2015, the ZTE ZandraTM smart-home monitoring solution won the “Best Connected Home Service or Solution” award for its innovative voice interaction feature and mature business models.

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