Traffic monetization

Traffic monetization

Making money in the data era

The internet, especially the mobile internet, is growing fast. Sales of smart devices have exploded as consumers realize the benefits of seamless connectivity. Whether reading news, shopping online or watching a movie, users have been drawn to these useful, and universally desirable new devices and systems. The resulting rapid increase in traffic has led companies to find ways to monetize this trend. ZTE has developed its traffic monetisation solution to enable companies and researchers in the telecoms industry to generate revenue from the data era.

A high value solution

ZTE’s eProduct is a traffic monetization solution that provides data products based on the personal requirements of an individual or business. Through an analysis of volume, time, location, and quality of service, the eProduct brings increased satisfaction to consumers and a competitive advantage to companies.

The eProduct produces new sales and social channels providing an evolved monetization solution compared to the billing systems of the past. The technology reduces system limitations, fully utilises the mobile internet and removes technical difficulties.

Rather than redeveloping an existing model, ZTE has created an innovative traffic monetisation solution fit for the new economy. eProduct monetises traffic using a platform which maximises a network’s capacity and fully utilises internet exchange points. This enables companies to work with content and service providers to generate new and innovative products and services – helping build a traffic ecosystem that lasts.

ZTE’s traffic monetisation solution is fully compliant with 3GPP standards making it a reliable solution for both wireless and traditional networks. It is fully compatible with a wide range of networks ensuring a simple integration process.

Generating returns

A growing number of multinational companies in China have adopted ZTE’s traffic monetization solution. Companies are using eProduct to help build new sales channels, widen their customer base and increase their network value. ZTE provides continued support to help its customers become the new engines of the traffic ecosystem.image1