Ultra-High Speed Access

18 - Ultra High Speed Access

ZTE 5CC CA: Ultrafast access

The explosive global rise of mobile broadband over the past few years has been astoundingly impressive. As a consequence of the insatiable appetite for mobile broadband, LTE system vendors and operators have been left wondering just how high they can go in terms of the network capacity they can offer.

Carrier aggregation (CA) is believed by many to be one solution to enable the rapid uptake of mobile broadband. However, CA will not reach its full potential without a few other important technologies being put in place first. The optimal CA solution should fully integrate high-order MIMO, cutting-edge baseband processors and radio equipment.

This is exactly what ZTE’s latest 5CC CA solution offers. ZTE’s 5CC CA not only enables aggregation of up to five component carriers of LTE-FDD (or both LTE-FDD and LTE-TDD), but also has 4×4 MIMO, all powered by the industry’s number one multi-mode BBU, and a small and light 4T4R RRU which on its own can provide 4×4 MIMO.

ZTE’s 5CC CA solution uses not only contiguous but also non-contiguous CCs. It uses asymmetric CA to allocate which CCs to downlink and which to uplink. Moreover, it can aggregate FDD CCs and TDD CCs. This flexibility is ideal for spectrum allocation to help operators maximise resource utilisation.

With all these technologies working seamlessly together, ZTE’s 5CC CA solution offers great performance. The solution demonstrated at MWC 2016 using three FDD carriers at 1.8GHz and 2.1GHz plus two TDD carriers at 3.5GHz, together with 4×4 MIMO, shows a promising ultra-high speed with a throughput of more than 1.3Gbps.

ZTE’s 5CC CA solution is available now, which is great news for those operators looking to provide the fastest data services before 5G becomes available. The ZTE 5CC CA solution is the silver bullet for a top-quality, super-fast network.